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Jul 17 , 2022 • 7 min read

5 Ways You Can Quit Watching Adult Content

5 Ways You Can Quit Watching Adult Content
Whatever your reasons for reading this article, if you’re here, it’s probably because you want to know how to stop watching pornography.

In today’s modern world porn is much sought after, and so readily available that the industry has done a complete 180-degree turn since the early days of pornographic content: Now, it can be hard to avoid. While it’s unlikely to jump out at you, it’s incredibly hard not to find if you spend even a second or two looking for it. That might be all it takes to find yourself staring at thousands upon thousands of hours of videos. The Huffington Post recently reported that pornography websites receive more traffic and visitors every month than Netflix, Twitter, and Amazon combined!

And yet, you’ve landed on this article. Whatever your reasons for reading this article, if you’re here, it’s probably because you want to know how to block porn. Maybe you feel that you’ve become or are becoming addicted to adult content and want to know how to stay away from porn? Regardless, here are 5 things to try if you want to quit watching porn forever;

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Read and Learn

While pop culture has made porn something that is easily accessible and is used as a method of relaxation and stress relief, many people are unaware of the side effects of watching pornography and what it does to us as human beings. A study by researchers at the University of New Orleans in the Psychology department found that watching porn can cause mental health issues in both men and women. These include anxiety, depression, insecurity, and body image issues, to name a few.

Additionally, in 2010 a study showed that people who watch porn are more likely to have increased aggression and violence due to the content they consume.

While these are only a mere few facts on the negatives of watching porn, the Internet is filled with information about what it can do to us and how it affects our everyday activities. It’s time to start reading and start educating yourself to understand how porn may have a negative impact on your mental health before continuing to watch such content.


Get Focused

A lot of the time, people find themselves watching porn due to boredom and procrastination. For people with addictive personalities or those who are more inclined to watch porn, boredom can be dangerous. A book titled ‘Everybody Lies’ by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz examines what we “Google”, and how our searches betray who we really are and expose how many of us lie about ourselves—maybe even to ourselves.

Today is a good day to start, try for free

One of the most surprising pieces of data he analyzes is what people search for when they are unemployed. The findings revealed that the biggest correlation to the unemployment rate is porn. When the unemployment rate is at its highest, so are porn searches. When the unemployment rate is at its lowest, so are Google searches for porn.

So, what can you do to prevent being bored? Get focused! You need to find something that genuinely interests you and that will occupy your mind and keep you busy. Something that motivates you to work hard and invest your time into as when we as humans find something we’re passionate about, we tend to use our free time to work on that rather than being bored and letting our minds lead us to places it shouldn’t go. To prevent you from browsing sites that cause you to procrastinate and waste time, there’s also BlockSite, but more on that later. 

Get Social

And no, we don’t mean social media – that you can get addicted to as well and need to avoid. You can read more about that here. But we mean, actually be around people. You will occupy your mind with other things and let’s face it, you’re not going to watch porn with others around. We all know that community is a great way to spend your time. But maybe you’ve never thought about how hanging out with friends has the added benefit of helping you stop watching porn.

In 2016, The Daily Mail reported the least and most porn-watching days of the year.

The days that porn sites are the least busy are the top 10 major holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, Easter, etc. In other words, when you’re around other people, you don’t look at porn.

However, a warning also comes with this. The top ten busiest days for the porn industry, interestingly enough, are the days immediately following those ten holidays. So keep your guard up and stay around people, go out with friends and invest time in developing real relationships with others.

Increase Productivity

Have you ever thought that every single minute of your life is gold? If you do, you’ll start treating how you spend your time very differently. Rather than spending hours glued to a screen watching porn that, as we’ve clarified has a lot of negative implications why not invest time in yourself and increase productivity. Got some personal goals you want to conquer? Write them down and get started on them. Or maybe you’ve got some professional aspirations you’d like to achieve? Start by eliminating all distractions and focusing on the task at hand. Write a to-do list at the start of every day and as you go, cross the things you’ve accomplished off the list. Trust us, this old-school trick still brings heaps of satisfaction.


Control and Block

However, we understand that some of the above-mentioned possible solutions may not be strong enough — or maybe you’ve tried them already and they simply aren’t working out for you. So we have another option for you that quite literally will prevent you from accessing adult content. Download BlockSite and simply block porn websites that distract you – no willpower necessary.

With BlockSite, you can add the websites or pages you want to block to a list, in a smart and simple way and get automatically redirected to safer, more positive sites.

Amongst many other features available on BlockSite, you can also block all adult sites with a click of a button – simply turn on the “Block all adult sites” toggle and the porn blocker will be activated. It literally couldn’t be easier.

So if you want to stay focused and get empowered to be the best version of yourself and stop procrastinating all in one, this is the site blocker for you.