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Jul 17 , 2022 • 6 min read

6 Pieces Of Advice For College Sophomores

6 Pieces Of Advice For College Sophomores
Learn with BlockSite how to stay focused, get productive, and get rid of any bad habits you might have picked up during Freshman year.

Welcome to your second year of college! We’re sure you’ve been partying hard and working …not so hard? Until this point 😉 but don’t worry we’ve all been there. We’re here today to give you sophomores some advice for your second year and how to get the most out of it. No, that doesn’t mean heads down and no more fun, it means learning with BlockSite how to stay focused, get productive, and, get rid of any bad habits you might have picked up during Freshman year.

1. Break Bad Habits

Let’s face it, in your first year at college you all picked up some habits you’d rather not have, right? Staying up late to play video games with your roommates, waking up late and saying to yourself “I’ll catch up on what they discussed in class” but you never do, or just finding yourself having no time to eat proper food. 

Well, now that you’re older and wiser you’re going to need to learn how to control them while you still can. The all-nighters are going to get harder and harder so you may want to start thinking about cutting down on those. You might also want to hold back on all the ‘Thirsty Thursdays’ and on adding everyone you meet to Instagram, it’s never fun going through and having to delete random people you met for 5 minutes in a bar the night before. 

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Additionally, you may want to think about cutting back on junk food. We know it’s easy and cheap but we all know junk food is not good for us. Try making healthy alternatives with products you can buy for cheap prices in your local grocery store. With that in mind try cutting back on the paper cups and using reusable mugs instead to do your bit for the environment. 

2. Prepare Yourself

This year you need to take into account that you’re prepared for your studies is key. You’ll need to plan out your days, weeks, and months more appropriately in order to succeed and still have time to enjoy college life.

BlockSite is a great tool to help you manage and schedule your time, stop procrastinating and keep you focused on your studies. With BlockSite you can block sites in a smart and simple way, that you can then also sync from your desktop to mobile to make sure that you’re always focused! BlockSite will block any site you wish, the sites that distract you such as Facebook or online shopping sites, and others like adult content sites that may be unsafe. This gives you total control over your browsing habits.

And if that’s not enough you can start becoming super productive in your sophomore year by using BlockSites scheduling and work mode features to get you into the zone. What does this mean? Well, you can now set yourself time frames similar to the Pomodoro method. For example, you can work for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. It’s been proven to be the best way to stay focused on the task at hand too!

Make sure your internet usage is productive and effective this year by downloading BlockSite today!

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3. Finalize your Major

If you’re an American student, sophomore year is when you have to pick your major. The best advice we have to give is to be open and try things and you’ll figure out pretty quickly what you want to major in.  If you’ve not liked any class you’ve tried so far, pick a subject that is broad, and that way you can keep your options open in terms of a future career because even if your major isn’t “practical”; there’s no sense in doing something you don’t like.

4. Limit your Reading 

It’s a well-known fact that reading textbooks over and over is a less effective way of learning and is not productive. That’s why this tip is one that most of you probably already practice anyway …don’t do all your assigned reading. Now, before you get too excited, you’ll need to judge this on a case-by-case basis depending on what you learning and who the professor is. However, for the most part, your professors will present you with the most important material from the text during your classes and include most of what will be in your tests in the slides during lectures. 

With this in mind, you’ll usually be able to skim or ship a good amount of your assigned reading as long as you pay attention in class and take effective notes, you can read more about that here.

Once you’ve saved yourself a ton of time using this strategy, you can devote some of it to actually reading useful books.

5. Get a Job in your Field of Interest

You’re now a couple of years into your routine, you know your surroundings and you’re going to be doing the same thing, every day for some time. Once your college experience is over, you’ll be thrown into the real world where the jobs you will want to get, require experience and references. Now is a good time to look around and see if you can grab some of that cherished experience everyone is always talking about. Jobs on campus want kids who will be around for a while so they don’t need to retrain people, and it can be some extra cash in your pocket. Lots of the top internships are for juniors and seniors, so keep an eye out for those next year — unpaid labor might not be easy, but at least you’ll work in the field you’re preparing for.

6. Be EXTRA!

No, we don’t mean extra, extra we simply mean doing some extracurricular activities to get you more credit and more involved. Join a student committee, one of the many clubs on campus, or do some volunteering. You’ll also be able to meet new people and make connections with people in different areas that could help you out in the future. However, make sure you don’t take on too much as along with your studies you might feel a little overwhelmed. 

For your chance to win a FREE subscription to BlockSite premium, leave us a comment below with your best tip for staying focused. We’ll be giving the user the best tip, a free subscription! Good Luck!