How to achieve more in less time with BlockSite’s ‘Scheduling’

Explore how you can achieve more in less time and stay productive with BlockSite's scheduling feature .

The math is simple. A colleague who works 7 hours a day will get less done than someone who works 10 hours a day.  Studying three hours a day will get you better grades than the guy or girl who skims through a few chapters before the test. More work means more results, right?  So it’s got to be totally impossible to be able to achieve more in less time…right? Wrong. To get more done, you don’t necessarily need more time, you need to be productive. 

Working smart beats working hard and in some cases working more can actually have damaging effects on what’s accomplished. However, while it is possible – working less and accomplishing more isn’t always easy. It requires you to think creatively and find effective ways of doing things.

Some people are naturally highly efficient, they know how to get things done and increase productivity, they’re constantly checking things off their to-do lists and are extremely busy. Question is, are they accomplishing what matters?

Highly effective people are also highly efficient but they take their efforts to the next level. They focus on accomplishing the tasks that will make the biggest impact on them, their families, and their businesses. Unlike merely efficient people, they get the right things done.

So, how do you accomplish a lot in little time and stay productive?

To accomplish a lot in little time is really based on your productivity levels. A lot of what you’ll read surrounding this issue is pretty basic – delegate, batch, keep a to-do list and while those are all great ideas, and you should consider doing them, you also need some ‘hacks’ that will allow you to slay your goals every single day.

It begins by finding out where you are wasting the most time. For example, if you find yourself avoiding the task by surfing the web on random sites you need to find a way to block that behavior and keep you on track and focused. You could try simple willpower, but we’ve all been there and that only lasts a day or two. If you really want to stay focused you need to block specific sites with a digital solution such as BlockSite. If you are not sure you want to block them all the time, but only when you need to focus, you can set a schedule as to when you can use them.

By controlling when listed apps and URLs are blocked and when you have access to them, you will be able to free your time and manage it to make sure all the necessary tasks you have to do are achieved. BlockSite has made scheduling super simple and below you can find how to activate it.

So the question maybe isn’t how do you accomplish a lot in little time but maybe….

How can I be more productive in less time?

The answer is simple. By scheduling your time for work and time for play with BlockSite. With BlockSite’s schedule feature, you can easily schedule by hour and by days what sites you want to block in order to be more productive.

For example, let’s say while you’re at work you want to block social media sites. All you need to do is add the specific sites to your block list, choose the days you wish to have the sites blocked on (for example, Monday to Friday) and then the times (while you’re at work from 9-5) and let BlockSite do the rest! 

By enabling this feature and using it when you feel necessary or when you have a heavy workload, during exam period or just want to stay away from distracting sites, you’ll become more productive in much less time than usual, increase your efficiency and will find yourself thinking ‘how did I manage to get all that done in one day?!’ – we promise you, the results will speak for themselves.

Accomplishing more in life…

The simple use of keeping a general schedule around everything you do, including your internet usage will have you accomplishing more in life. As we mentioned in our blog post titled Improve your digital habits with BlockSite’s ‘Work Mode’ we understand how difficult it can be to achieve more in less time with all the digital distractions out there, so a little help in the name of BlockSite, could be exactly what you need to save the day!

Check out the video in our FAQ’s to understand further how to use this feature and then download BlockSite to test it out, it will only improve your life…we promise. 

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